A visit for our research...

On the 8th of April we visited our local elderly community as part of our research on the evolution of eating habbits.
It was a great experienece and we had the best time discussing with older people how they used to live. The mixing of young students with elderly people made a beatiful mosaic and the discussion for healthy eating was in the air.

It was trully an unforgetable experience.

a Healthy Lunch Day in Greece

On March 22nd, following the great success of the "Healthy Breakfast Day", a followup was organised in our school titled "a Healthy Lunch Day"!
Students of the second grade in our school, along with their teachers, gathered vegetables and collected healty ingredients to create a healthy yet tasty lunch. All vegetables were actually produced in our vegetable garden, and the olive oil was extra virgin olive oil. We also added cucumber, corn and cheese to accompany the salad. All was served with excellent pasta, the perfect energy food to keep you going for the rest of a busy day. The combination was not only healty but tasty as well. The students were thrilled and excited to be involved throught the preparation process including the... "consuption" phase!
All in all a great and heathy "EatWise" day.

We also have a small "hip" video of the event! Here it is! Enjoy!

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A Healthy Home Made Cake!

Using the knowledge and skills of our third grade teacher Vlachakis Thomas, along with the help of our sixth grade teacher Charoula Passidou the students of the third grade prepared and baked their own delicious home made cake! Using only the best ingredients the result was a tasty treat that everybody loved! We only managed to get a few pictures of it though... Students and teachers were faster to eat it than actually bake it!

Enjoy our little photo gallery!

Visit the Athletic Museum

On the 10th of February, the second graders in our school visited the Athletic museum for a healthy eating seminar, a tour and a chance to make perfect home made cookies!

The Students had a blast and a memorable experience, however... the cookies were gone in a flash! Thank God we managed to get some photos!


Sixth grade hand made ornaments

Fifth Grade project: the bottom of the sea

First Grade project: the bottom of the sea


Fourth Grade Project with songs and sayings

Fifth Grade Project: word puzzles

The lexicon of the sea