Reading labels



Our students were given 5 RON by their parents and went shopping.
They bought what they wanted. Back at school they read the labels of their products and wrote the ingredients on the board. They realized that the products contained a lot of sugar, salt and chemicals.
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The students from VIE went shopping and bought packed food they liked to eat as a snack.
The next day in class they talked about their choices by reading products’ labels.
Before this they watched a presentation about the hidden danger in some packed food.
They talked with their form teacher about the importance of reading labels before buying a product and what they should do in future.
They noticed that when eating sweets they took into account only the amount of sugar and colorings as harmful elements.

The activity aimed to inform students about the danger in some food, to make them aware of the fact that they must choose only healthy products not the ones advertised. However in the end all students enjoyed the 'snack' bought.

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