Analysis of eating habit survey (TURKEY)

There are fifty one participants from different age groups, we get different responses. Results have been shown that most of the participants are aware of the importance of a healty life nevertheless they consume unhealty products in some cases.

Most of the our participants have three times meal in a day. Its like breakfast, lunch and dinner. A great deal of the participants have their first meal between 7- 8 a.m. seventy one of the participants eat someting for breakfast. They prefer a hot drink(most probably tea), eggs, cheese mostly. Participants think that breakfast is the main meal. Most of the participants prefer having breakfast with family. But they have luch at school or work. And more than ninety percent of the participants have their dinner at home. Preparing the food is duty of the parents as the research says. Our participants dont eat our frequently but when they do, half of them prefer a fast food resturant and the other half prefer a tradition food resturant. More than seventy percent of participants spend less than 25 £ for eating out. They spend half an hour for breakfast, ıt takes a bit longer for lunch and dinner. While they watch tv, they take a snack or fruit.

Fifty percent of the participants consume dairy products daily, the others consume weekly. All of the participants consume meat every day or evey week. We don't have any vegaterian J. Two percent of the participants never consume fish, the others consume it at least twice a month. Approximately, while thirty percent of them prefer drinking water with the meal, the other thirty percent prefer frizzy drinks, the rest consume other drinks (most probably our traditional drink ayran).

Unfortunately, twenty-two percent of the participants never read the labels, but rest of them care about it( %45 always, %31 sometimes). Almost half of them take a shopping list with them on the other hand twenty-two percent of them never take it. Querter of the participant are not aware of the excess packing, half of them are awere of it. thirty- six of them are avoding buying the excess packing products. Obviously thirty percent of yhe paticipants dont know much about the excess packing and they don't mind buying it.

Unfortunately, a saddening amout of the students (which is around twenty - thirty percent) don't know enough recycle. We'll definately deal with that. The rest seventy percent know enough recycle. A good amount of the participants tend to consume organic products.

More or less eighty percent of the participants think that our health is affected by what we eat. Besides seventy-seven percent of the participants think that they eat healty food. All of the participants clean their hand properly. And ninety-three of the participants know when to and how to clean their teeth properly. Forty-four of the participants are satisfied about their weight. Thirty-six of them think that they need to loose some weight. Seventy-two of the participants think that they drink enough amount of water. However according to the results, they should drink more. Eighty-two percent of the students said they learnt about healty life at school.

When they choose what to eat, they care about the way it looks. They tend to eat the one looks good. Fourty-eight of the participants prefer a traditional meal for the lunch. Half of them prefer fast food and while cooking seventy- two percent of the participants use olive oil in their meals.

As a summary, we clearly say that at least seventy percent of participants are aware of the meaning of the healty life. However the awareness of recycle is not pleasing we definetly have to work on this issue, we should increase sensibilty towards the nature. That is all about that we have realized from the survey.